Episode #45: Epic-sode I - The Godfather I

December 8th, 2012

We decided on a whim to do this as a 180 from holiday fluff.    The issue - you can't always pencil in 9 hours of viewing in a week; plus probably another 10 of features.  This will be the 1st of a series dealing in Coppola's trilogy.  Others will probably fit this profile also, but this dead lift of a story will suffice to set you back a few steps while expanding your movie horizon with really bad eggs.

An early anti-hero, Al Pacino is more charming than he should be in the film that put many things (and careers) in motion.  Come back for seconds & pile your plate high with some carnage ravioli...  and Spam.  Not the email, the food.  Well, kind of food.  Just - enjoy the movie talk.  Perhaps over food.

P.S. - we'll spoil your feast later, but only after all courses are covered.

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