Episode 46: a Ball in the Candy Cannon

December 16th, 2012

Today fat folk are mostly made funny through zany exaggerated moves or kicks in the crotch.  John Candy blazed a trail where comedy had little to do with looks or size.  A big man with a big heart, his movies can still make you laugh and marvel at how he went about being funny.  The hardest decision for this episode was picking 3 movies.  You should see everything he did, but until your schedules open up these are the 3 we think you should have already watched:

  • Uncle Buck
  • the Great Outdoors
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles

By proxy, this is a back-burner salute to John Hughes as he wrote and/or directed these.  What can we say, he knew what he was doing.  If you've watched them once, you've probably watched them dozens of times.  The feel of these films is nearly as potent as the day they came out; the clothing or music might change, but the true content continues to be priceless.  It's bobsled time...