Episode #51: In a Word: Dark

January 20th, 2013

We bring you 2 Bruces & a Rufus.  ..whaaaa??!!  

Does this help?  Spring is on it's way & the nights are already getting shorter, but that doesn't mean we can't savor a few more helpings of 'Dark' movie meat. Our first course:  a unique metropolitan entree that's sure to intrigue with it's captivating flavor that even the most bland of taste buds can appreciate - Dark City

The main course:  a succulent & rich Murciélago dish.  Complete with larynx-shredding spices & just a hint of the psychotic (as any good dish has) - The Dark Knight

And dessert.  Oh, do we have a surprise for you.  Our chefs here at the Cinema Triforce have once again outdone themselves with this clever re-imagining of a classic dish: Campbell's soup with grilled camp. - Army of Darkness

What's that?  Not a dessert you say?  Well, why not save your judgement for the feast & then let us know if that serving of humble pie went well with the rest of the ambrosia. Post Correction: Aaron Eckhart was not in Payback; he was in Paycheck (see episode 17 - It Should have been Better). We didn't bother re-recording to correct that.  Save your stamps...  We'll give you other reasons for angry letters, and we triple dog dare you to follow through with that.

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