Episode #52: Nightmare-Inducing Kid Flicks

January 26th, 2013
  •  The Dark Crystal
  • Super-8
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's time to cover your eyes sweetheart...

"PG" "G" & "R" Inside a square they are probably the most recognized consonants from our respective childhoods.  In the age of the internet, horror & gore, boobs & buns come with a click of the mouse button; movies ratings don't seem to carry as much power as they once did.  More often than not, the stamp of the dreaded "R" prompted most parents at least a pre-screening before it was plopped into your greedy paws.

Yet, a few G & PG branded gems slipped through the rating cracks & managed to quicken the pulses of an entire generation.  From Ghostbusters to Gremlins, they were innumerable in their heyday and ripe for recess conversations the Monday after a sleepover.  They thrilled us & traumatized us, killing our kindness (softly) and we lost our innocence in under 2 hours.  So why not pluck a few from the dark corners of our demented minds & share them with you all?

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