Episode #53: Never The Twain Shall Meet

February 3rd, 2013

This week, our theme bears a unique appraisal.  Not a watery litany of conventional "Best _______ Ever" nor an obscure ode to film snobbery; more a clever "Food for Thought" assessment that rather unceremoniously plopped into our collective laps.  This idea spans a select number of films when factors bring about unique (and less than ideal) work conditions for shooting and creativity is a must.

You see...  one fine day, deep within the recesses of Matt's fevered psyche, a bright burning ember sprang forth quite vividly.  Once he made mention of this dazzling gem to Chris, it was decided that the episode MUST happen.

Would you like to know what it is?  Well, give a listen & you'll find out.

Here are 3 hints:

  • Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan
  • Sin City
  • No Country for Old Men

We'll give you 1 more  hint:  Tupac at Coachella.  (He's not in the movies, it's the nature of that performance).

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