Episode #57: 80’s Kids Save the Day

March 3rd, 2013

BMX, Espionage & Pirate Swag!  What more could you ask for in an episode?  No, we're not doing RAD (that's for later).  We thought it was about time we doffed our caps to the golden years of kids' movies.  You know, when the kids swooped in, quipped one-liners, vanquished the baddies & all without that saccharine-y processed after-taste that the Disney Channel leaves in your craw.

  • E.T.
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • The Goonies

As par the course, we picked the three & the words flowed like honey BUT we know there are more. Many more.  Which is where you come in: Message us & tell us what we missed!  Do it, do it now - get to tha email!  cinemasluts@gmail.com. Our nostalgic pining for days long past not withstanding, the genre is sadly lacking nowadays (one of a few exceptions:  Super 8/Episode #52).  What if modern cinema were to take a second look at that which has come before, and reach for that brass ring of youthful-flavored-awesomeness & nab a piece of history.  We're looking at you Edgar Wright.  Who knows...

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