Episode #59 Epic-sode II - The Godfather II

March 16th, 2013

We hope you didn't fill up on bread the 1st time, 'cause this one is longer!  Our next installment of 'good fellas on ice' goes deeper and racks focus on Michael (Pacino).  For the sequel that set the standard, we spent some time looking at the bonus features surrounding the trials & tribulations in the making this series.  Rarely can a period film capture the essence of the time; this one manages to do it twice in one sitting.  Strap in again as we run Space Mountain backwards and serve you more Coppola with asiago.  We'll have the penne arrabiata.  & a tray.

On a musical note - we used a Mothers of Invention version of the Godfather music in the outro to honor the founder:  Ray Collins.  He died in December, but hey - we were busy & missed it.  It is never too late to honor an amazing man who invited another amazing man to join his amazing band.  Thanks for welcoming Frank Zappa to the fold, Ray.  R.I.P.

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