Episode #60: Pixar

March 23rd, 2013

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial: 3 Bytes of Pixar

Pixar has had quite the fortuitous journey, both as a studio of profit & an oasis of artistic integrity.  From Luxo to Knick Knack, Woody to Nemo, they've demonstrated their capability in more than just the CG field; they've captured the hearts & imaginations of generations the world over.  They remain potent as we draw closer to their 25-year anniversary, all the while traversing that fine line between Disney saccharine & Warner Bros. zany - which is not an easy achievement.  One must not forget that operating within the shadow of the rapacious rodent does indeed have the potential to stifle creativity, but Pixar has avoided such pitfalls in its rise...  to POWER.  So, the Sluts, being who we are, thought it pertinent to catalog these triumphs, speak our piece & bequeath a genuine critique of a few select favorites among the computer-created cartoon canon.

  • The Incredibles
  • Wall-E
  • Brave

Though possibly tied forever to the company that would be their only major competitor for now, they tend to keep their integrity intact.  The future is fuzzy, but CGI has been kept fresh through their exploits.  Let's hope they keep it up.

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