Episode # 61: Down with the Episode

March 30th, 2013

We've not beaten around the bush regarding our penchant for all things silly & outlandish.  Hell, one gander at our title or listening to almost any episode will reveal that we're a pretty harebrained bunch of bananas.  That being said - it doesn't mean that we can't tackle some rather heavy themes & dig deep into some more serious fare when so inclined.

This week's portion: Sickness/Disease.  An ever-present & ever-evolving menace throughout our history, it's no wonder that a vast array of films has been created addressing the myriad of issues surrounding the ill.  The affirmation of one's mortality, the brutal truth of a non-terminal but debilitating syndrome, the abandonment of a loved one...  all are as stark as they are intense.

  • 50/50
  • Philadelphia
  • Wit

So, we will indeed return to our regularly scheduled program of wacky & zany next week, but until then:  Courage.

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