Episode #64: Remakes for Debate

April 21st, 2013

Manhunter (1986)    at war with      Red Dragon (2002)

When last we left out heroes, the quest for the Holy Grail had grown cold & the dastardly dyad were on the prowl for an alternative quest with which to test their mettle.  Ravenous they were & deep did they delve, until one day they finally came across a quest worthy of their hunger.  Intrigue, danger & a taste of the obscene waited for our heroes on the road to...

REMAKES for Debate:  Behold, a Man-Hunting Dragon that is Red.

Quickly becoming a staple for the Sluts, the remake comparison is a pertinent choice for this week. HANNIBAL, NBC's new re-imagining of characters from the Thomas Harris novels, has been inching its way up the ratings ladder.  We are of two-ish minds when it comes to this pair, and that makes for a juicy episode.  Or does it?  It does.

Would you like a portion?  Then strap in & grab a bottle of Chianti.

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