Episode #66: Timeless Comedies

May 5th, 2013

Here at Triforce headquarters, we strive to avoid a lot of the cliché lists/rankings that permeate the film world nowadays.  Our choices revolve more around specific topics & themes.  Said choices are not necessarily a 'Ranked" measure of the films we review. Now, let all of that soak in...  AND completely disregard it for the episode.  This week we're lining up our shots (Na'na'na'na'na'na) and going out for extra-terrestrially modified burgers afterwards in celebration.  A cozy course of comedy episodes we are hoping to initiate, this week each of us chose a film that reflects our own concept of timeless-ness. Of course, you're saying to yourself:  "That's only two flicks Chris & Matt.  Don't you usually do a third?"  Oh yes, observant listener...  we do.  In this instance, the 3rd film was our Muse that sparked the WHOLE thing; which is why we gave it top billing, extra quotes and synchronized swimming for good measure.  Post editing - THAT scene is a bit ridiculous amidst otherwise real-world 80s comedy.

  • Caddyshack
  • Evolution
  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Are other movies funnier?  Sure.  Are these our absolute favorites?  No.  They can be funny whether or not you grew up during their release, and are therefore timeless.

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