Episode #67: Concept Movies

May 12th, 2013

Humor, horror & humanity abound this week as we stepped outside the box & take the plunge to darker waters.  We've covered jumps (aww, Kris Kross) in the artistic medium before, so this week we harnessed that notion & took it full throttle.  But first, you gotta leave your zone of safety.  You gotta manufacture Inspirado with us.  Savvy?

Concept albums have been an industry staple for nigh on sixty years now.  From Woody Guthrie to The Who to NIN, the spectrum is vast & the talent immeasurable.  What happens when you take the Concept Album & channel it thru another artistic avenue?  No, not sock puppets, although that may be a thought worth pursuing.  We are the CINEMA Sluts, so let's talk celluloid.  We chose this power trio for their inherent variety.  Plus, Chris had yet to see our final powerhouse of a film.

  • The Pick of Destiny
  • Strangeland
  • The Wall

Like Tool and Yes, these are not destined to be on every movie shelf, but it is easy enough to respect the effort taken even if it's not your taste.  Join us for a deep-dish discussion of music meets movie in a powerful way.

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