Episode #69: Green Beret Marshmallows for Breakfast

June 1st, 2013

A very happy Saturday one & all.  We Are Back!  Crypticon was indeed amazing & we ended up having such a stupendous time thanks to everyone present.  We spent a lot of time prepping ourselves; hence the lack of episode last week. So we thought what better way to make up for our absence than a return to top form with a Triforce favorite:  The Austrian Oak himself - ARNOLD.  Only this time...  it's personal.  Sort of...  we don't know.  It's hard to have a tagline in an episode description.  Is it as hard to find 3 more Schwarzenegger titles that rock?  Not if you have a respect for Logic.

  • Commando
  • Twins
  • Total Recall

As with our previous selections, we chose each flick to illustrate that the Artist-Not-Yet-Known-As-The-Governator can be more than just a wise-cracking badass (though mostly he is that, and he flies that flag proudly).  While it is indeed difficult for most to imagine him as anything more than just an Action Star, we'd like to think he's got more up his sleeve than the Uzi-9mm.  What do you think?  Comm on!  Teeelll us!  Dooo it!  Get to the Facebook!  Ruunn!

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