Episode #71: Justice

June 16th, 2013

Hey kids.  Why the long faces?  Why not start your day off the RIGHTeous way with a full serving of Justice Smacks?  Nutritious & delicious, Justice Smacks are packed with vitamin J, moral fiber & principles.*  Now you can face your day with a healthy body & an eerily fanatical sense of piety to fill the gaping hole left by your murdered family.

*Now comes with 3 marshmallow flavors.

  • The Boondocks Saints
  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • Mystic River

Other breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar & ethical ambiguity.  Not Justice Smacks.  After just 3 servings, you'll be tattooing yourself in Latin, setting up jarringly macabre Rube Goldberg devices & screaming at the nearest policeman about whether or not that's your child.  What better way to start, maintain & end your day?

Justice Smacks.  You'll know the taste, even blindfolded.

Cinema Triforce is part of a fair & balanced breakfast.

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