Episode #74: In A Word: GHOST

July 6th, 2013
  • Ghostbusters
  • Thir13en Ghosts
  • Ghost
  • Kick the tires & light the fires 'cause the word is OUT people!  This week we decided to launch yet another category in our "Series" episodes.  Now we've already notched our belt with such gems as:  The Decade's Need to See, Remakes For the Better/Worse & In Defense of.  Is there another way?  In a word:  Yes.

    So many variant factors connect one movie to another:  Journey of the hero, outstanding special effects, concepts of morality, Kevin Bacon...you get the idea.  What if you simply wanted to connect flicks thru their titles?  Let's go even further and just focus on a Word.  

    Dying is the #1 killer among everything; just ask those who have tried to swallow jade or lead.  Sometimes the dead come back and slime you.  Or scare you.  Or help you spin a pot.  Alright our lil' Scooby Doos, turn out the lights & think happy thoughts.  OOhh, and pudding.

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