Episode #76: The Future

July 20th, 2013


  • Minority Report/
  • Road Warrior/
  • Sunshine/

What if you ran out of fuel for your hybrid solar/gas-powered jet pack?  What if dinosaurs come back?  We've covered a myriad of future-esque films in past episodes (Back to the Future, Aliens, Paycheck).  Through the years, we've seen the future in various styles by many directors/writers.  This week, we tackle the prospect of the "Near Future" and what may be in store for us, as both a society & a species.

Justice, Anarchy & Science:  Rather heavy topics all by themselves, but when merged with our theme this week, it opens up a whole new can of proverbial worms.  Is security worth the price of our own freedom?  Is technology the only barrier between us & chaos?  Do we as a species have the capacity to prevent our own extinction?  Make a contingency plan & find out just how heavy this week's episode gets.  There's that word again...  Heavy.   Would you like some dystopia with that?

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