Episode #78: Our Picks of the 70’s

August 3rd, 2013
There was us, that is the Sluts & we sat within the confines of Echo-Base trying to make up our rassoodocks on what to do for this week's episode.  Now, we don't intend to meddle with the forces of nature and make you mad as hell so you won't wanna take it anymore.  Oh no.  We merely wanted to add another chapter to "Our Picks" series & the 70's seemed as appropriate a place as any for us to DO the 70's.

That we can and that we did, beloved listeners.  Free and full, without let or hindrance.  So, your humble narrators admonish you:  pull out your portable picnic players & play our fuzzy warbles all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones!  You are Invited!

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