Episode #79: Subjective Truth Plots

August 10th, 2013
  • Clue
  • Basic
  • Rashômon

  • (edit note:  This used to be called Pete & Repeat, the Eye of the Beholder.  Not sure if the other title is less or more confusing...)

    We skipped the lather & rinse cycles this week, and went straight to the repeat.  In the west, we're generally used to a more linear narrative, and it's always a treat when a film attempts to break that mold.  Have we peaked your interest?  Well, here's a CLUE:  BASICally our theme this week is films that don't RASH ahead, instead they futz with their timelines.  OMON.  

    It's the Telephone Game for the plot. 

    Now we're not talking disjointed plots here (Pulp Fiction, Sin City, etc). We're venturing in more of the primordial Chaos Theory vein, and have no fear:  this is NOT the darkest timeline.  Here we give your our version of the truth...  about these three films.  

    Can you handle it?  Ha HA!  Get it?  
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