Episode #80: Actors Buried in Makeup

August 17th, 2013
  • X2 (X-men)
  • Legend
  • Hellboy

  • There's a subtle power shift that accompanies the donning of a mask/disguise/makeup.  It doesn't take a psychologist to see the allure inherent in such ventures.  One is no longer themselves, but someone else.  Some thing else.  Actors are taught early on to be wary of such intoxicating practices, for obvious reasons.  It's easy to lose oneself in the part.  

    Well, this week we decided to get lost with three such friends.  We have touched on these friends in varying degrees in the past, but here they are wholly different creatures. Creatures who shift & snap, quip & quake.  The work with prosthetics was so incredible that folks often forget what the actual actors look like in real life.  

    Each of these roles have become synonymous with the actors portraying them & we wanted to pay homage to them in our own slutty way.  

    Come...  Sit...  and talk with us.  Or just listen.  That'll work.
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