Episode #81: Badass Men

August 24th, 2013

TCXY - 31 Flavors of Badass FroYo with NUTS!

Nearly 70 episodes later, we finally get around to the male side of the proverbial BADASS coin.  You'll have to pardon us, but we just got so caught up in concocting our various themes that our answer to episode 12 obviously fell by the wayside.  

BOOM y'all!  Say hello to our little friends for this week.  No, we're not doing Scarface, but we did risk being scarred by the face-melting AWESOME that was tackled.  It was not a flawless victory of awesome, though.  Sly & The Family Toned flew a little too close to the sun on their 2nd lap.  

Elephants, machetes, bibles, and guys.  Lots & lots of guys.
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