Episode #83: Band Film Scores

September 8th, 2013
We had our Singers Gone Actors episode, so now it's on to bands turned composers.  Until recently, when such billings were announced, the general public tended to look unfavorably on the idea.  

Now, thanks to some of  music's more progressive pioneers (a few of whom we discuss this week) it's really not that unusual.  The Chemical BrothersTrent ReznorDAFT-PUNKBasement Jaxx:  All have scored big studio motion pictures in the last decade or so, most of which have gone on to win various awards, achieve cult status, or both.  

We chose these because we wanted to awaken that sleeping audiophile you all have snuggling inside your respective noggins.  With a mighty hand, join us as we save everyone one of you from boredom.  Do you have any tobacco?

PS - the sound on Flash got weird; we recorded from the Dethsub.  Thanks Nathan.  

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