Episode #84: Video Game Movies

September 14th, 2013
  • Tron  
  • Last Starfighter
  • (Secret Track - Bishop of Battle Chapter in 1983's Nightmares)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

(all trailers near the bottom in the links)

Shall We Play A Movie?  Um, Yes.  PRESS START!  Eighties nostalgia & vibrant, geek-infused mash-ups.  That sounds like the makings of an episode, doesn't it?

So, some set-up:  Video Games.  Their influence in popular culture has exploded over the past thirty years.  What was once mocked & belittled by the artistic elite has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.  An industry that, if trends continue, will soon eclipse both the music AND film world.  Monetarily & artistically.  

We know the 1st 2 are a tad dated, but they were chosen for very specific reasons.  Our third was selected for its genius in blending all that came before it.

There is also a ton of video game music.  Check out Danimal Cannon, for one!  He even makes tracks with Game Boys!

So prep your game hands, grab some Shasta & settle into the couch or banana chair, 
'cause we're gonna put you on the Grid & in a Gun-Star - against the World.

PS - as we write this, we have paid to own our third film & Macgruber (as discussed 2 weeks ago).  Our money & our mouths are aligned.  The SPvsW  blu-ray has hours of great features, bloopers, deleted, commentaries.  just go buy it after we tell you/remind you how stupendous it is.  

End of Line.  We Die.  Scott has Learned the Power of Listening.

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