Episode #86: The Power of Suggestion

September 29th, 2013
Usually it is our job to recommend, but this week, others did it for us.  The choices - it's still us talkin' aboot the flicks.

When it comes to film, it's fascinating to witness the evolution of the "Recommendation."  While mainstream critics still wield a rather hefty & (some would argue) unbalanced sword with the "Yay or Nay," their power as a voice of endorsement has been slowly dwindling.  Social media & interest-aggregating websites have taken the reins from the Maltens, Shallots & Schwarzbaums.  Not to mention podcasts:  you're welcome.

Now the art of recommending films can be more personal.  If you disagree with Manohla Dargis, you could tweet your distaste & hope she sees it sometime.  However, if a tip from Aunt Mabel just made you lose 118 minutes of your life to a saccharine-soaked poo-fest, you can be damn sure the next time she sees her Facebook wall, it's gonna be splattered in 50 shades of crimson.  And brown

The Film Recommendation: precarious by nature & an invariable source of discussion.  How could we resist?  How can you resist?  If we take on your suggestions, we'll mention you on the air!!  No better thing than that...  right?