Episode #89: Remakes as Equals - True Grit

October 19th, 2013
Saddle up pilgrim 'cause it's another comparison episode. 

True Grit
1969 -vs- 2010:  The Duke -vs- The Dude

Comparing these two was no easy task, but rest assured buckaroos, we were up to the challenge.  

The decades that divide these two are the key to understanding their thematic disconnect.  While this can be said about many re-imaginings that span more than a few years, those films lacked one vital component that make all the difference here: The Coen Brothers.  More specifically, the Coens and their take on the core of this story: Retribution:  A theme both naively earnest & borderline righteous in sixty-nine, now draped in a post-modern cowl of moral ambiguity & pragmatic obligation.  

My, oh my, how the years make a difference.

But enough talk.  NOW to LISTEN.  Grab a White Russian and enjoy 'Cause this is just like... our opinion man.  Revenge is a dish best served with a gun in it.  Here we come to snuff the Roosters...  ahh yeeeeaaaeeeayyyhhhh.  There - the 1 song that didn't make the cut ('cause Matt forgot).

Here's a trailer for the 1969 film using the same moments as the trailer for the 2010 film.  Kinda cool
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