Episode #93: I Have a Brother (in this Movie)

November 16th, 2013

If you were thrown into working professionally with your brother/sister, how might you react?  Would you be an unstoppable, cohesive unit of "Getting It Done" or an expletive-laced tornado of suck, interspersed with moments of rage?

Well, we hope it's the former 'cause this week our topic is just that: Hollywood actor siblings and how well they operate on-screen.  Whereas most actors only have rehearsals to develop a bond with each other, siblings have a decidedly unique advantage in such situations (you know, they've been rehearsing this their whole lives).  How well does it play out on the screen?  Tune in & see what we think:

We're hoping to get at least one other episode out of this topic, but were hard pressed for any sister/sister duos that may be out there.  If you have any suggestions, shoot us an e-mail: cinemasluts@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.  Actual siblings - Undercover Brother & Sister Act (1 or 2) do not count.  
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