Episode #97: Remakes for Debate - The Karate Kid

December 15th, 2013
Guest Host Joe

1984 vs 2010.  Happy Days with a Drunken Master

Joe returns while Chris visits the fam in Salm(on) - surprise.  The Karate Kid inspired many to kick their friends in the face.  It is indefensible when your friends don't know what game you're playing.  Is the remake as tough?  

The remake has its own traits to be sure.  It must be seen to see what it achieves.  Both Joe & I had avoided this until having our Kung Fu (not Karate) hearts grow 3 sizes in the wake of Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan bringing this version of the story to a new generation.  

Which will win?  listen to this somewhat long-winded episode to find out.  

listen side - side.  and show us Sand the Floor.

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