Episode #98: Flubisode Part II: The Flubbening

December 22nd, 2013
The problem with improv is sometimes it's not that funny.  Living off the the cuff, like we do, doesn't always reap the most succulent of fruit.  Sometimes it's juicy, others it's not quite ripe.  Here is another basket compilation of our mixed fruit, the next chapter in our "Flubisode" series: Part 2 - Flub Harder, The Flub Rides Again, Every Which Way but Flub.  
However, worry not avid listeners.  We didn't just toss all our CHUFFA into a crap crate & drop it on your doorstep.  

Oh no, these are a choice selection of the moments that didn't quite make the cut this year.  Outtakes, gags & a few nice (or nasty) iterations on a few subjects that we felt didn't merit inclusion in their respective episodes.  Lucky for you, we amassed them all here for your listening pleasure.   As with last December's Flubisode, the audio is a tad sketchy in some spots, so we thank you again for you perseverance in the listening of this episode.

These are what you get living mic by the drop, off the cuff, by the sword, and by the galley.  Calgon, blow me away.  Flint Ironstag.  Big McLargeHuge!`
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