Recommendation Post

October 12th, 2017

After coming home to a broken PC, we had to settle for this as a way to tide you over until we can record & edit our next episode.  Even this is a 2nd attempt to post this - technology is against us (again!!) at the moment.

1st: What we DON'T recommend.  As in - AVOID these sequels & such.

1. S. Darko - Here's to hoping Daveigh Chase gets better future roles.

2. Boondock Saints II - You don't realize how much you love Willem Dafoe until he's not there.

3. Carrie 2 - Marguerite Moreau is not worth it for this; watch the Wet Hot American Summer series/movie.


Also avoid Disjointed on Netflix unless you love Chuck Lorre (Big Bang Theory & 2 1/2 Men).  The PTSD genuinely discussed seems like a happy accident; the rest is just stereotypes and not a ringing endorsement of medicinal marijuana culture when people already think it is bogus.  Of course Kathy Bates is great:  just watch AHS seasons 3-5.  & Misery, of course!

2nd:  What we DO recommend.  As in - check it out whether or not we get to cover it proper!

1. John Wick 2 - we love the world expansion & the final set.  Plus, Morpheus!!

2. Logan - not a traditional sequel, rather the best attempt to give the character a solo film with the tone it needs.  We do stand behind The Wolverine (& Matt somewhat stands behind Origins)

3. 0ng Bak 2 - best of the 3 in our opinion! A nice followup to the breakout hit from Thailand, the international version of 2 has a huge fight segment where the rockin' music is removed halfway through to just give you fight sounds for a few solid minutes.  A talented fighter using every weapon you would want to see him brandish.

Check out some other recent Netflix shows. 

Big Mouth featuring Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, & Maya Rudolph - NOT for kids, but great adolescent humor going quite intentionally over the line.

Dear White People - similar to the need for the 2014 film to be seen before deciding what you think, the series does a good job presenting things that perhaps shouldn't still be issues.  It also shows divides within various groups over what is right/wrong in addition to how to deal with it.  See it, then consider how you feel about it.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with Rachel Bloom - in the wake of episodes about suicide and eating disorders, this show is the best portrayal of mental illness Matt has run across.  Plus, it features musical numbers that kinda mock musicals.  Think peculiarity of Scrubs with greater stakes & chances taken.

Thanks for being patient with our temporary setback.  We have some material ready to go, will put something out as soon as possible & do a followup 1 week later rather than 2 to make up for the downtime.  Until then!!