Episode #299: The Haunting of Hill House

November 16th, 2020

Join Matt this episode for one of his favorite recent horror shows.  A 9-layer bean dip of dread, this series rules all by putting so much into every character you see.  Hear the slobber through your ear pieces!  Do it!

Links:  Doctor Sleep, Gerald's Game, Suicide Kings, E.T., Sin City

Episode #298: Bargain Shuffle

October 26th, 2020
  • The Burning Dead (15)/
  • West of Hell (18)/
  • Crow (16)/

What an adventure we take you on this week, as Matt goes blindly into 3 movies he randomly bought uber-cheap.  Did it go well?

Links:  Machete, Candyman, Poltergeist, The Crow, The Rock, Last Dragon, Lion in Winter

Episode #297: I’m Glad We Talked-isode

October 12th, 2020
  • Hidden Figures/
  • Dolemite is my Name/
  • Barbershop/

Bringing the subject in the air & on the streets for this year to a close, we bring you some more talk of history while easing into comedy & fiction.  We swear we'll aim for lighter stuff for a while.  Are there specific types of movies people watch during October??  Not sure if we've ever heard about anything...

Links:  Proud Mary (links for Hot Tub Time Machine, Red/Smoking Aces, The Thing, Karate Kid, The Help), Robin Hood (prince of thieves), Spider-man 2 (has links for Interview with a Vampire & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Zack & Miri), Virgin Suicides, 10 Items or Less, Alita: Battle Angel, IT, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek, Mulan, Golden Child, Demolition Man, New Jack City, Boyz in the Hood (has links for Higher Learning, 3 Kings, & Rampart), 21 Jump St & 22 Jump St, They Live.

Episode #296: We Still Need To Talk-isode

September 28th, 2020


Though not an isolated incident, it ended up being an isolated episode as our clock ran out this week.  We have some delectable discussion ready for next time, but there is plenty to chew on for this one.  A brutal mark on our country as we betray our own, this recent film can be difficult as it is believable that this could still happen in nearly the same way. 

Strap in for Matt getting perhaps the most upset he's been on digital tape for this show - 

Links:  Maze Runner, Man on a Ledge, Hurt Locker, Capt America Civil War, Manchurian Candidate, The Hate U Give, Short Term 12, Near Dark, Flatliners, Outbreak, Devil's Advocate, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, The Lookout.

Episode #295: Epic-sode XIII - Black Panther

September 14th, 2020

Photo credit: Chicago Sun Times article.

Matt watched this the day we lost Chadwick Boseman.  There was no way it'd feel good to put it out that weekend, but a postive part of grief paying tribute to those we lose.  Technically part of (& the fulcrum of) the "We Need To Talk" series, it tells a superhero story while scrutinizing the ongoing story of relationships among races and nations.  We think it's actually a good gateway to talking about such things with family & friends, which is why we recommend everyone watch it (again) to maybe gain some empathy toward what others go through.

Note:  The score DID win an Oscar, as did Costume & Design; Kendrick Lamar was nominated.
  Here is the crucial part of Chadwick's Howard speech.  This might be the most inspiring 14 minutes you'll hear this year...

Links:  Boseman: 42 (also has 12 yrs a Slave for Lupita Nyong'o), Message From The King (also Capt Amer Civil War).  Michael B Jordan: Creed.  Angela Bassett:  Boyz in the Hood (Malcolm X link on that post).  Daniel Kaluuya: Widows.  Andy Serkis: LOTR 1/2/3, Planet o' Apes trilogy  Forest Whittaker: Phone Booth, Street Kings, Good Morning Vietnam.  

Episode #294: We Need to Talk-isode

August 31st, 2020
  • Get Out/
  • Just Mercy/

Life threw a wrench in completing this episode, so the 3rd movie will have to wait.  Matt put off dealing with the current social conversation long enough.  2 command performances from the leads that each spark a different dialogue.  We all need to be better & do better; maybe getting a little preachy will spur a few along (us, not the movies).  There are also a multitude of places to donate your money & time to in helping out.

Here is a brief Interview with Daniel Kaluuya.  Here is another with John Boyega (yes - they both did were questioned about playing Americans).  Here is Samuel L Jackson directly questioning Kaluuya's casting, along with David Oyelowo for MLK.

Episode #293: IT (movies)

August 17th, 2020

We already covered the mini-series, so we are overdue in considering how the films rounded out.  So, uh, here we are.  BTW, the flicks are rated 73% & 65% on IMDB.  Matt says more like 83/75.


Links:  IT miniseries,  Stranger Things s1 (also s1 spoiler-sode) & s2, The Help, Atomic Blonde (has 2 X-men links), Adventureland.   

Episode #292: In Defense of Adam Sandler

August 3rd, 2020
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Spanglish
  • Uncut Gems

It isn't even easy to defend the funny Sandler movies in recent years, but he has broken that loop a few times over his career.  If you know what we've already covered, then the 3 choices are easy; if not...  I mean, listen either way!  3 times where he wowed the crowd.  Have at it.

Their IMDB scores are 73, 64, and 74.  Does that help? 

Links:  Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer (i guess i love not saying which Sandler flix i discuss!), Reign Over Me, 50 1st Dates, Magnolia (has other Phillip Seymour Hoffman links), Equilibrium (has links for Red Dragon and Cold Souls), Traffic, Bone Collector, Mysterious Skin, Eternal Sunshine..., Lady Bird, Short Term 12, Sorry to Bother You, Selma, Straight Outta Compton

Episode #291: The Bobfather, pt II

July 26th, 2020


  • Doctor Sleep/

The 2nd half of our Shining-ing is now upon you!  There was so much to edit, Matt didn't bother making extra intro/outro clips (yes, the last episode ended that way intentionally...  sort of).  Our discussion of the Mystifying Dr Sleep goes many places, but will hopefully sell you to see the movie if you missed it.

In the midst of our rail changes, we forgot to specifically mention Alex Essoe & Carl Lumbly, the actors who played Wendy Torrance & Dick Halloran in this.  Lumbly's been in over 100 things since the 80's!  So many tv shows that we didn't watch, plus Men of Honor, Alias, & Supergirl.  Essoe hasn't hit it big, but it could be coming - 40 credits in about a decade is a good start.

Episode #290: The Bobfather, pt I

July 6th, 2020


  • The Shining/

The good doctor graces our 2nd mic to wax on & off about some Stephen King, both on screen & on the page.  Possibly breaking a record for the longest recording session to date, this had to be broken up into 2 episodes.  The discussion of Dr. Sleep will follow in 2 weeks.

Guess what? - the lazy scene transition we mentioned, turns out the scene itself took over 100 takes!!!  Guess that's where the focus was.  Here's a vid about it.

Episode #289: Epic-sode XII - Zodiac

June 22nd, 2020

Another visit to Fincher Corner brings about a movie we've long wanted to cover.  Not necessarily your typical murder mystery, it dramatizes an actual killer & his actual pursuers.  Um, played by actors of course, but a tremendous amount of effort was involved
to include some of the real folks as consultants.  Check it out!

Links:  David Fincher: Fight Club, Se7en, Social Network, James Vanderbilt: Basic, RundownDavid ShireShort Circuit,  Jake Gyllenhaal: Donnie Darko (also spoiler episode),  Soloist (has all RDJ links),  Mark RuffaloSpotlight,  Dermot Mulroney: Young Guns,  Phillip Baker HallMagnolia

YouTube vids - When Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Infographics.

Episode #288: The Fall of Michael Keaton

June 9th, 2020
  • Mr. Mom/
  • Multiplicity/
  • Desperate Measures/

This week we peruse the trajectory of ol' MK as his characters alter from a good fellow into a bad dude.  Have your clone make some popcorn & scope it out!

LINKS:  Michael KeatonSpiderman Homecoming (has other MK links), 

Episode #287: Asian Celebration II, Kurosawa

May 25th, 2020
  • Throne of Blood/
  • Dersu Uzala/
  • Sanjuro/

A tasty batch of film delights from Japan, with one venturing beyond to tell a Russian tale.  

Links:  2019 Kurosawa Episode (has links to his previous films).

Episode #286: Asian Celebration I

May 14th, 2020
  • Parasite (Korea)
  • Wandering Earth (China)
  • The Good, The Bad, & The Weird (Korea)

Honoring Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, we look at some amazing things offered to us in recent years from filmmakers outside the U.S. Have at it, people!!

Episode #285: Documentary Time

April 21st, 2020
  • Dive, 2010 (Bonus - Just Eat It 2015)/
  • Craigslist Joe/
  • Forks Over Knives/

After putting it off for a long time, we finally talk about documentaries, and they're all old!  Yet still hauntingly relevant.  Did Tiger King incite this episode?  Darn Tootin' it did!  We spend a few minutes waxing about that as well.  Eat the episode up & careful with the salt shaker..

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