Episode #136: Connery, Best Worst & End

September 14th, 2014

This is also called 'Connery Corner with Conrad,' mainly because that's his name & he was the one who suggested it.  Sadly, the Matrix struck him down this week before we could finish.  This is only 1/3 of the episode intended.  He will return next week to finish out this concept that will likely spawn future episodes.  For now, you are blessed with our lengthy discussion of:

Even if you hate this movie, I think it's worth the time to see what we value in watching it.  So many good and/or crazy ideas that didn't fit together...
Also included are some deleted moments from the last few months, plus some impressions cut out of previous episodes.  Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion.  Can you guess what the best & end films are?  There may be help in the episode.  Go ahead, click that link.  Skin that smoke wagon & see what happens.  
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Episode #135: Magic I’d Rather Watch

September 7th, 2014

The Prestige vs The Illusionist.

2 movies about magic from the same year.  It was moments like these we thought of when we started the "I'd Rather Watch" series.  Hollywood will play it safe so many times, but once in a while they take a chance 2 or 3 times simultaneously.  Thriller vs. Drama.  Each has portions of both, but obviously lean further in one direction
One is flashy, one is artsy.  
At the time, it is feasible that many picked 1 & abandoned the other (especially with modern theater prices).  Did you watch the other when it came out on video?  Is that what we recommend...  perhaps.  Listen & see.
Hey, wanna watch the Illusionist now?  Click here.
For what it's worth:  we make a number of historical references that may have discrepancies.  Please verify our information if it interests you; we don't claim to get everything right.  We are doubting ourselves, just CYA for things we didn't look up in our research this time.  
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Episode #134: Matt, Defend Your Childhood!

August 30th, 2014
Round #2: Hitting the mat swinging for this round, Matt unloads on your ears with a volley of varying styles: Ninjutsu, Sinanju (no relation).  Hell, he may even pull out an ancient medieval sci-fi weapon to finish you off by the end.  Who knows...
Amidst the deluge of 80's nostalgia that hit us during this episode, we actually had an epiphany.  Regarding the "quality" controversy that envelops much of the home entertainment market nowadays, we're of the opinion that a few misaligned pixels ain't nothing on a 3rd generation JVC copy of Super Fuzz.  You don't know a bad picture until you've had auto-tracking recorded on the copy you copied from the friend who copied it off the TV.  Audio:  we're happy we don't have to fight through white noise just to hear the best jokes.  


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Episode #133: Epic-sode IV - Braveheart

August 23rd, 2014
*For full effect, the following must be read aloud in a bad Scottish accent*

A'lright lads & lasses...we hope you're all ready  for we got another taste of the EPIC for you.  It's been far too long since we last delivered such an episode and we hope this week doesn't disappoint.  This oughta hit ya like a bolt of lightning

Now, say what you will about present day Mel, back in the day, hoo-boy was he awesome!  A prince, a cop, a road warrior...there's nothing this lad couldn't tackle and transform into solid gold, and legendary sagas of Scottish insurrectionists were not exempt from this Midas touch.  

It may not be a perfect history lesson, but one cannot deny that it is indeed: EPIC.  

So here, you listen...we'll hold you down.  



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Episode #132: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 3

August 16th, 2014
The air grows cooler and Autumn is nigh!  Luckily, we've got one more sunny season selection for you ladies & gentlemen.

With this last sweet, sweet helping of Summer fun, we found a little something for everyone: raccoons, octopuses, apes.  Man, there are a lot more goodies folded into these three flicks, but if we delved further, we'd be spoiling the episode!  And you don't want us doing that, do you?

Thanks to all our avid listeners for giving us the excuse to spend these beautiful summer months entombed in the air conditioned confines of the movie church. 

BTW:  Here's Chris Pratt rattling off Enimem like it ain't no thang

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Episode #131: Full House of Grind

August 9th, 2014
This week it's a Rodriguez/Tarantino TRIPLE FEATURE with three adrenaline-fueled roller coasters that are guaranteed to spill & thrill!
If you haven't yet had the pleasure, DON'T waste any time: get yo ass in gear, call up your fellow Bad-Asses and set up a late-night screening.  For all the feeble attempts at putting women up front, these movies manage to tell unbelievable stories with more believable female characters than most.  

 'Cause you haven't experienced AWESOME til you've had a full dose of the GRINDHOUSE.

OH, and Conky says this week's secret word is: BATMAN

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Episode #130: Remakes for Serious

August 3rd, 2014
Adam West -VS- Michael Keaton

It's been 75 years since the Dark Knight first breached the collective consciousnesses of the world.  Now, eight decades, multiple re-brandings & tens of thousands of pages later, the crusade of the caped continues.

For those of us who adore film, the lore of the Worlds Greatest Detective has also born some choice pieces; two of which are the highlight of this week's episode.  While we reached our own conclusion regarding the fate of this bout, remember this doesn't make us "Right."  

That's the wonderful thing about Batman:  no matter what medium or version you prefer him in, he's still frekkin BATMAN...  and he's so F#$%ing tough (that's right).

P.S. : Here be the Grayson trailer we mentioned in the episode.  AWESOME! 

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Episode #129: TV Families At The Movies

July 26th, 2014
GUEST HOST:  JAS (1st Segment)
This week we bring yet another brand new series that has been on the back burner: the celluloid exploits of our favorite television actors.  Quite a list to choose from in this category (Oh, we're so excited for what's in store for future episodes).  We begin with one of the first shows that we Sluts bonded over.  

Behold, our 1st Tribe of the Boob Tube:  The Solomons
3rd Rock from the Sun was easily one of the best late 90's comedies  and gets so little recognition nowadays. Often over-looked or downplayed, it featured a clever story line & an out-of-this-world cast of actors that we couldn't resist.  

P.S.  We forgot to compare the charisma of John Lithgow to the subtlety of Sam Neill as a lead role.  Here is a link for a Lithgow moment that some may have missed.  If you want skip to minute 2:30 (for those who may not like the host/show itself), that is all the intro you will need.  
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Episode #128: Christmas in July

July 20th, 2014
Since we excused ourselves from the proverbial festive smorgasbord back in December, what better time than now to deliver a Holiday-themed episode?  It's our greatest sale yet, this WHOLE episode is FREE!!!  Download it as many times as you like.  

While we may have chosen them simply to help abate the deplorable heatwave that racked Seattle the past week (man, it was up in the 80's!!  Even over 90 once!!), these have long been chilling in the icebox of our minds.  True, they're a motley mix of flavors, but that's what makes 'em so good.

Think chilly thoughts, snip the top & have a Murray Murray Christmas.  

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Episode #127: Yes We Cannibal

July 13th, 2014
SHPADOINKLE, hungry listeners.  Meat means different things to different people.  There is an agreement that we probably shouldn't eat each other, but what if it meant life or death??  We looked at 3 examples of how this may have or might yet happen.  These are rather far-fetched, so it makes them easier to digest.  Let's just hope that none of these instances come to pass again in large quantities (or portions, if you will).  
Just 'cause it's taboo don't mean it ain't tasty...  Kids, don't try this at home.  Or anywhere else.  
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Episode #126: In a Word: Patriot Edition

July 7th, 2014
Happy Birthday America.  We didn't know what to get you, since lately you've been kinda indecisive in what you want.  We even looked for your registry on Amazon or Bed, Bath & Beyond, but to no avail.

So, in lieu of your typical red meat, explosions & sub-par beer, we thought we'd get yo something you'd treasure.  The gift....of song.  
Well, word song anyway.

Join us as we trek into Heartlandia (not a real place, so don't waste your Google coupons).  These are some crazy flix, so we get into some heated topics.  None of these things are absolute in movies or in life, so remember that while you are listening to things that may put you off your pie for a moment.  It's worth it to think honestly about what we are as people of the world and how close we are in hopes, dreams, and sometimes shortcomings.  

Mmmm...  humble shortcake with debt-whipped cream.  Eat it in moderation.  Speaking of humble, we took on a large slice as the U.S. Men's Soccer Team were bumped out of the World Cup this week.  So was Belgium after they beat us, so they get a slice as well.  We are now official citizens, officially, of the Netherlands as they kick to victory.  Good luck to all who remain.  

P.S. to the HUGE fans of Flight of the Navigator & it's soundtrack, Matt put the correct song in this week for Chris to make eggs.  
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Episode #125: Chris, Defend Your Childhood!

June 28th, 2014
The time has come for each of the Sluts to step forward and submit their candidates for the category of: Flicks from Childhood.  

Round 1 - Chris fights to validate his young days with movies that have maybe, just maybe lost some potency.  Don't worry, Matt will have his day under the microscope.  Then we'll do one defending movies we both adored as kids.  Can you guess?  Can we?  The power is YOURS!!  

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Episode #124: Remakes Done Right - Oldboy

June 22nd, 2014
2003 vs. 2013

2 Hammers, both alike in dignity and claw; in fair trunk, where we lay our scene.  This is a very controversial remake episode, largely from people that gave up before seeing it.  Spike Lee was not the 1st name to pop into one's head when considering Oldboy.  

Your honourable hosts were in a unique position to confirm or dis-confirm the allegations:  We had not seen the original!!!  We flew this episode blind (though we did open our eyes when we watched the movies, it's a metaphor), and what a ride through 2 different looks at the same plot.  Both are in fact worth your time we have discovered.  Now it comes to you to be brave, trust in our vision for a world where both versions can coexist.  

Thor would be proud.  So would Chop Top.
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Episode #123: The Coen Brothers Chapter 2

June 15th, 2014

We return.  With a wood chipper, Hashem, and me hat.  Another cornucopia of Coens.  Fargo most folks have seen & just about everyone has heard of it.  The others are either less common or untapped by the public.  The storytelling is always potent, so a true fan should see all of their movies (except Intolerable Cruelty).  If you like the bros, A Serious Man is very personal to them.  If you don't, then you might want to skip this episode.  It's alright, we cover a lot of ground - peruse our archive for things more your flavor.  After all:  old doesn't stop it from being awesome.  

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Episode #122: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 2

June 8th, 2014
The sun shines, the days grow longer & the Sluts just keep on talking...
It's our Summer Blockbuster Spectacular sequel:  so naturally, there's more violence and nudity and not really.  
No monsters kings, this week it's dragon queens.  Oh, and mutants with a penchant for groin & toilet humor.  Maybe we're mixing our movie metaphors.  Just listen, pretty sure we got it all right on the track.  
We may come back for a third installment of these.  
Either way, grab yer swim trunks & head with us to Waterloo
'Cause we all know, the boys & the girls are doin' It...  Goin' to waterslides, Dude!
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