Episode #129: TV Families At The Movies

July 26th, 2014
This week we bring yet another brand new series that has been on the back burner: the celluloid exploits of our favorite television actors.  Quite a list to choose from in this category (Oh, we're so excited for what's in store for future episodes).  We begin with one of the first shows that we Sluts bonded over.  

Behold, our 1st Tribe of the Boob Tube:  The Solomons
3rd Rock from the Sun was easily one of the best late 90's comedies  and gets so little recognition nowadays. Often over-looked or downplayed, it featured a clever story line & an out-of-this-world cast of actors that we couldn't resist.  

P.S.  We forgot to compare the charisma of John Lithgow to the subtlety of Sam Neill as a lead role.  Here is a link for a Lithgow moment that some may have missed.  If you want skip to minute 2:30 (for those who may not like the host/show itself), that is all the intro you will need.  
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Episode #128: Christmas in July

July 20th, 2014
Since we excused ourselves from the proverbial festive smorgasbord back in December, what better time than now to deliver a Holiday-themed episode?  It's our greatest sale yet, this WHOLE episode is FREE!!!  Download it as many times as you like.  

While we may have chosen them simply to help abate the deplorable heatwave that racked Seattle the past week (man, it was up in the 80's!!  Even over 90 once!!), these have long been chilling in the icebox of our minds.  True, they're a motley mix of flavors, but that's what makes 'em so good.

Think chilly thoughts, snip the top & have a Murray Murray Christmas.  

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Episode #127: Yes We Cannibal

July 13th, 2014
SHPADOINKLE, hungry listeners.  Meat means different things to different people.  There is an agreement that we probably shouldn't eat each other, but what if it meant life or death??  We looked at 3 examples of how this may have or might yet happen.  These are rather far-fetched, so it makes them easier to digest.  Let's just hope that none of these instances come to pass again in large quantities (or portions, if you will).  
Just 'cause it's taboo don't mean it ain't tasty...  Kids, don't try this at home.  Or anywhere else.  
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Episode #126: In a Word: Patriot Edition

July 7th, 2014
Happy Birthday America.  We didn't know what to get you, since lately you've been kinda indecisive in what you want.  We even looked for your registry on Amazon or Bed, Bath & Beyond, but to no avail.

So, in lieu of your typical red meat, explosions & sub-par beer, we thought we'd get yo something you'd treasure.  The gift....of song.  
Well, word song anyway.

Join us as we trek into Heartlandia (not a real place, so don't waste your Google coupons).  These are some crazy flix, so we get into some heated topics.  None of these things are absolute in movies or in life, so remember that while you are listening to things that may put you off your pie for a moment.  It's worth it to think honestly about what we are as people of the world and how close we are in hopes, dreams, and sometimes shortcomings.  

Mmmm...  humble shortcake with debt-whipped cream.  Eat it in moderation.  Speaking of humble, we took on a large slice as the U.S. Men's Soccer Team were bumped out of the World Cup this week.  So was Belgium after they beat us, so they get a slice as well.  We are now official citizens, officially, of the Netherlands as they kick to victory.  Good luck to all who remain.  

P.S. to the HUGE fans of Flight of the Navigator & it's soundtrack, Matt put the correct song in this week for Chris to make eggs.  
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Episode #125: Chris, Defend Your Childhood!

June 28th, 2014
The time has come for each of the Sluts to step forward and submit their candidates for the category of: Flicks from Childhood.  

Round 1 - Chris fights to validate his young days with movies that have maybe, just maybe lost some potency.  Don't worry, Matt will have his day under the microscope.  Then we'll do one defending movies we both adored as kids.  Can you guess?  Can we?  The power is YOURS!!  

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Episode #124: Remakes Done Right - Oldboy

June 22nd, 2014
2003 vs. 2013

2 Hammers, both alike in dignity and claw; in fair trunk, where we lay our scene.  This is a very controversial remake episode, largely from people that gave up before seeing it.  Spike Lee was not the 1st name to pop into one's head when considering Oldboy.  

Your honourable hosts were in a unique position to confirm or dis-confirm the allegations:  We had not seen the original!!!  We flew this episode blind (though we did open our eyes when we watched the movies, it's a metaphor), and what a ride through 2 different looks at the same plot.  Both are in fact worth your time we have discovered.  Now it comes to you to be brave, trust in our vision for a world where both versions can coexist.  

Thor would be proud.  So would Chop Top.
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Episode #123: The Coen Brothers Chapter 2

June 15th, 2014

We return.  With a wood chipper, Hashem, and me hat.  Another cornucopia of Coens.  Fargo most folks have seen & just about everyone has heard of it.  The others are either less common or untapped by the public.  The storytelling is always potent, so a true fan should see all of their movies (except Intolerable Cruelty).  If you like the bros, A Serious Man is very personal to them.  If you don't, then you might want to skip this episode.  It's alright, we cover a lot of ground - peruse our archive for things more your flavor.  After all:  old doesn't stop it from being awesome.  

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Episode #122: 2014 SUMMER SLUT PICKS PT. 2

June 8th, 2014
The sun shines, the days grow longer & the Sluts just keep on talking...
It's our Summer Blockbuster Spectacular sequel:  so naturally, there's more violence and nudity and not really.  
No monsters kings, this week it's dragon queens.  Oh, and mutants with a penchant for groin & toilet humor.  Maybe we're mixing our movie metaphors.  Just listen, pretty sure we got it all right on the track.  
We may come back for a third installment of these.  
Either way, grab yer swim trunks & head with us to Waterloo
'Cause we all know, the boys & the girls are doin' It...  Goin' to waterslides, Dude!
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Episode #121: They Sell Spaceships by the Spaceport

June 1st, 2014
GUEST HOST:  JAS (Prometheus segment)
We return from our whirlwind tour of Seattle Crypticon 2014!  Worry not faithful listeners:  we didn't burn our fuse out there alone.  In fact, this week, we think our episode knows which way to go.  Can you hear us recording in our tin can?


They come in all colorsshapes sizes and (most) are frakkin AWESOME.  In true Cinema Sluts style, we went with three rather eclectic selections.  

Make sure the air lock is closed tight, brace for the G's, and watch your feet for cracks in the pavement.  Next week our 2nd round of Summer Blockbusters!  With NO SPOILERS!!  We would not do that to you..
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Episode #120: 2014 Summer Slut Picks Pt. 1

May 24th, 2014
It's the week of Crypticon 2014, so we  just ran to the nearest theater & let ourselves loose. 
In the 1st installment in our 2014 Summer Slut Movie Spectacular, we lead off with some spy action, a bit of web slinging & good ol' destruction of public property, JAPANESE STYLE. 

We'll return to our previously scheduled program next week.  Same Slut Time (roughly), Same Slut Channel.  Site.  Whatever.  Til then: ENJOY!

What did we learn in the horror prep sessions?  A:  Pulse movies (Japan & US) - meh, though Japan had better messages.  B:  Amer Horror Story, neat; The Killing, not really horror but pretty good drama.  C:  C. Thomas Howell in 1986 is better than 2 actors in 2007 (check out the 2001 sequel with him, Jake Busey & Kari Wuhrer - not bad, plus it's on Netflix so it's easy).  

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Episode #119:Tribute to Bob Hoskins

May 18th, 2014
2014 is definitely not pulling its punches.  Not even halfway thru the year and we've already lost some of the greatest:  Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Shirley Temple, Harold Ramis.  And just a few weeks ago, another great was robbed from us, far too soon:  Bob Hoskins.
It wasn't until we were compiling our dossier on Hoskins that we realized just how much he had done and how little of his work we had seen.  We're hoping to remedy that, but in the meantime, we chose some of our favorites to highlight the talent of this truly gifted actor. 

We marveled at cartoon crossovers, trembled at the sight of a scary mob boss, & laughed until our eye patches hurt.  So, we tip yet again another Mtn. Dew in salute to a glorious career.  Bob, fun.  Hello Bob - Bye Bob.  Sonofabitching Bob.  

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Episode #118: Earth, Wind & Fire

May 11th, 2014
You can't always tell the bad guy by the black hat.  Sometimes, it isn't human at all.  Here are a few examples of the adversity we face that has no face.  Spanning about 15 years, these flix have different approaches to storytelling and heroism.  Certainly, they are abby normal in who they make the antagonist bad guy.  
Now when you think of Phillip Bailey, you're not gonna think of Phil Collins:  you're gonna think of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, & Helen Hunt, & Bill Paxton, & Dustin Hoffman.  Why Dustin Hoffman?  You gotta listen to find out.  Collect episodes & win!!  S & H apply.  Some assembly required.  Not legal in all states.  Use only as directed.  
You have more 3-word titles to sling at us?  go ahead - cinemasluts@gmail.com.  Cinema Triforce on Facebook.  Lions, Tigers, & Bears?  Got it comin'.  What else ya got?  
Happy Mother's Day
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Episode #117: Snipes I’d Rather Watch

May 3rd, 2014
Demolition Man vs. Blade 
As single shines the triple sun, the Triforce is re-sundered with Matt's return.  To ease his passing, we opted to do only 2 movies this week:  as promised, it's a Snipes off!!  Where will our love be placed and where will the hammer fall?  Listen and find out.
Wesley Snipes came out of some great comedy in his early career, but his drama with Spike Lee rounded him out.  Then he surprised us with his knowledge of the martial arts and was flung into being an action star;  it was like Jason Statham, but with less taxes.  These 2 films took the audience on in different ways, so which arose the victor for us?  The answer may surprise you.  Or, it may not.  But it might.  Also, it might not.
P.S.  We forgot to mention the silliness of the dental appliance for Snipes that wasn't really necessary with few exceptions; making him sound like he was acting through his lunch.
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Episode #116: It Should Have Been Worse Pt Deux

April 26th, 2014

Guest Host:  Jay Q


Ford Fairlane

Lone Ranger


Matt brings you good news from afar.  From the Misty Mountains Coors, he discovers more flix made of bricks and not sticks (nor styx).  Johnny Depp returns again with a movie rising out of the ashes of expected doom, as he starred in our 1st episode of movies better than expected - Episode 43.  With a little help from a Denver talent, his friend Jay helps lay down the law of the land of forgotten or neglected films.  Broken Lizard is somewhat infamous, but some folks missed the lesser known films (sakes, we haven't seen the most recent one!).  If a comedian doesn't get more than 1 movie out, it is forgotten that they tried except the select few viewers.  Many take the jewels of their childhood nile seriously, so they don't favor new attempts to strip-mine them for more money. 

Each of these stand out in ways that you don't expect.  They require a personal viewing to see how they strike you.  Jay & Matt offer some insight as to why they are in fact worth your time. 

Next week:  the sluts reunite!! 

Audio Note:  as this was done on different equipment, the quality is a bit off.  There were some moments where I re-recorded lines that clipped out & could not be heard.  There are even a few ticks for jokes/points that could not be lost, but could not be redone either.  It'll take you back to the days of 80's cable edits for R-rated films. 



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Episode #115: TOLKIEN-SODE II: The Return Of The King

April 20th, 2014
We're BACK!  With false endings, giant arachnids & finger-less heroes!

Time for the 2nd chapter in our Tolkien-sodes, The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King.

And why put the final chapter as the 2nd episode,you ask?  Well...  

A) It throws you all a nice curve ball & we bow to no one.
B) We hadn't had a good cry in a while & hoo-wee-doggy does this turn on the waterworks.
C) We don't want to say good-bye to Tolkien just yet...'cause it's so GOOD!

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