Episode #115: TOLKIEN-SODE II: The Return Of The King

April 20th, 2014
We're BACK!  With false endings, giant arachnids & finger-less heroes!

Time for the 2nd chapter in our Tolkien-sodes, The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King.

And why put the final chapter as the 2nd episode,you ask?  Well...  

A) It throws you all a nice curve ball & we bow to no one.
B) We hadn't had a good cry in a while & hoo-wee-doggy does this turn on the waterworks.
C) We don't want to say good-bye to Tolkien just yet...'cause it's so GOOD!

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Episode #114: Square in the Feels!

April 12th, 2014
This week, Amy has once again graced the episode with her presence, since this topic has been much on our lips over the past 6 months and she was its herald.

We're hoping that you'll all enjoy this little B-side & give us ample reason to perhaps commence with a whole new series in the future.  Wherein Amy & Chris address the vivid, character driven & cinematic aspects of specific video-games over the years.

"Groundbreaking...memorable...game-changing" are just a few words that have been used to describe our cinematic departure this week.  Us?  We just call it AWESOME & invite you along for the ride. 

If you're not familiar, do yourself the favor & melt your face off with THIS


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Episode #113: A Grand Time for a Royal Moonrise

April 6th, 2014
While Matt's away, Chris will play...with Miss Amy!

Grab yer toboggans, lefty-scissors & dalmatian mice 'cause it's a Wes Anderson kinda party this week.  Miss Amy suggested just such an idiosyncratic themed episode a few months past & it seems only fitting that we deliver whilst Matt is out & about on his own quirktastic adventures.

So grab a hot cup of your favorite cozy beverage & join us for a slice of the wacky & peculiar.
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Episode #112: Remakes Remade - 3rd Time is a Charm?

March 29th, 2014
A number of episodes ago (#94), we ventured forth on an East -vs- West comparison under the vanguard tutelage of Akira Kurosawa & Sergio Leone.  Now, when setting out, we certainly did not expect to meet a third contender at the crossroads of this discussion.  

Here is a humble (though a bit harsh) addendum to that grand adventure.  While it's a tad late (more than 48 hours for sure) we think you'll enjoy it nonetheless.  Prepare yourselves for another chapter on your art, Warriors.  Don't worry about re-loading for the episode we almost called:  "Whatchu Walken 'Bout, Willis?"
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Episode #111: Shuffle-ish

March 23rd, 2014
Fortuitous fortunes befall us as we once again close our eyes, take a deep breath & hit the RANDOM button!
Okay, so No.  We didn't pick these literally at random; more that fate saw fit to spontaneously lump them together onto a shelf when we were out & about.  What started out as mere jest, flourished into what's effectively become the second installment in our SHUFFLE series.  
Remember humble listeners: there was no scheming.  Seek ye no clever conspiracy here.  This is a war you would believe.  The cops are not in on it.  It's merely an enjoyably unforeseen mishap that left us reeling in the connections.  
As always, we dare you to give us 3 titles to figure out a way to connect them.  It will be ours, oh yes:  it will be ours.  
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Episode #110: I’d Rather Watch - Dragons

March 15th, 2014
The Big Boss -VS- Rapid Fire

Words are futile for this week's picks.  Except Unbe-LEE-vable 

The theme is simple, but the choice is excruciating:  

Which Would You Rather?

Bruce or Brandon?

Beginning our new series, we pit 2 films against each other.  This time, it's for blood (relations).  The only way to know the answer is to see both choices, but one often comes out ahead.  Both of the Lee boys were masters of their time; there can be days when there is only time for 1 movie.  What do you do, hotshot?!  What do you do?

Choose...but choose wisely.  
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Episode #109: Not-Non-Stop

March 8th, 2014
At The Cinema Triforce, we dig us the Liam Neesons...A LOT!  

Recently, however, our Solid-as-a-Rock partnership was recently Taken hostage & shaken to the very core:  a mismatch of exuberance regarding Neeson's most recent film.  So, Over The Next Three Days this cinematic strife plagued us Non-Stop and things were looking pretty Grey, until we realized there was only one thing to do:  resolve this Fallout with a celebration of avionic proportions.  

That's right.  Hi-jinks in the high skies avid listeners.  

From Michael Bolton-vs-Arsenio Hall to notebooks and blood banks, we covered a lot of Deadly Ground this week. 

While may this episode may be a few Jedi/God/Knight/Supervillains short of a full-frontal fighting frenzy in fast n furious flying fury, these 3 movies are fun without making you question your existence.  Maybe just consider driving home next time.  Matt will talk about Non-Stop briefly in the future once he has a moment to see it.  Til then, insert the plug into the jack & your couch cushion can be used as a flotation device.  Also, oxygen will come from the trees & plant life; though the air may not inflate, you will be getting it.  No smoking.  
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Episode #108: Matthew Broderick Destroys/Saves The World

March 2nd, 2014
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and listen to podcasts once in a while, you could miss it.  

Say...WE have a podcast and it just so happens that this week Leisure Rules! 

 That's right boys'n'girls: It's  Ferraris, Global Thermonuclear War & monkeys in motion as we celebrate the Sultan of Slackers: Ferris Beu...ah..we mean...Matthew Broderick! 

With his adolescent face, quirky charms & bewildered expressions, Broderick was kind of the "Guy To Be"  from our childhoods.  One-liners, world-saving (or threatening) & adventures were his bread'n'butter at the time; how could we not LOVE his body of work?

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Episode #107: Remakes Done Right

February 22nd, 2014
Dead or Alive, You're Listening to Us
as we compare Robocop

(1987) -VS- (2014)

It is rare that we here at The Cinema Triforce are taken aback regarding contemporary pop films or remakes/reboots. More often than not, our inklings for what we may or may not enjoy tend to be pretty spot on.  

However, this week we were pleasantly surprised.  More than pleasantly, you could say we were pretty much rendered flabbergasted by the jewel that we now want to lay in your lap.  We have tackled many a remake before; until now, none had given us as much unexpected delight as this week's man of metal.  Not that one, the other one.  

So jack in & thank you for your cooperation. 
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Episode #106: Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

February 15th, 2014
We lost a truly amazing artist a few weeks ago.  Philip Seymour Hoffman had been on our "To Do"  ever since we started.  Not only for his flair & gift of the stage, but also for people's inability to remember his name during the first decade or so of his career.  

He was going to be categorized under our "3 Degrees of That Guy" series, but alas: now that mood is much darker.  For what was going to be an episode celebrating his genius & chameleon-esque talent, has now become an epitaph.  An epitaph that we deliver with no less enthusiasm, but much heavier hearts.  There are 'bigger' movies he has been in, but these embody his largest roles and 3 different shades of his awesomeness that sadly was not enough to keep him going.  

We'll miss you Sir.  We tip our Mountain Dew in your direction.
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Episode #105: The Better Angels of Our Nature

February 8th, 2014
Guest Host: Brandon Lee
With the film that swept thru critics & audiences like wildfire, how could we NOT end on such a note?  1 part coming-of-age & 2 parts horror; all topped off with a performance that, to this day, haunts all who've seen it.    

The past few weeks possessed their own unique flavor of modern-day racism: pop-cultured & institutionalized alike.  The culmination lies here.

Thank you all for giving us such great numbers for these rather challenging episodes.  We tend to lean more towards the humorous & eccentric, yet when we decide to tackle such serious topics like this, it's a great feeling to know that you all are along for the ride.

We can't thank Brandon enough for giving us this opportunity.  So without further ado: the third & final installment of our exploration of race in cinema.
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Episode #104: Anti-Hero Sandwich

February 1st, 2014
In film most of the time it's relatively easy to recognize who's who:  the love interest, the teacher, the antagonist.  Then, more often than not, the focus of stories: The Hero.  Well, it's a stroll down the Hall of Heroes this week as we pay tribute to the unsung, the unhinged & the downright crooked.  

Now, we're not talking your typical Anti-Heroes: Holden Caulfield, Michael Corleone,  Batman, etc.  We concocted our own unique fusion of non-conformity in an amalgamation so unlikely, we doubt the three have been grouped together as otherwise.

For those who missed our impressions while we got serious the last few weeks; we made up for it this round.  
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Episode #103: Without struggle, there is no progress.

January 25th, 2014

Guest Host: Brandon Lee

Alright.  Are your plates clean?  Still got your napkin?  Ready for the next dish? 

As promised, here's your second helping of racism.  We hope the first course wasn't too heavy.  After leaders of change in the 60s were martyred through murder - including the president - the followers of the message sought to move forward with less fighting.  Not everyone agreed.  This film shows parts of that disagreement.  For those who were blown away by Dangerous Minds, hold on to your hats.  John Singleton put the argument into high gear with some serious issues that still occur nearly 20 years later.  

And remember:

Don't let nobody bring you down.  
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Episode #102: By Any Means Necessary

January 18th, 2014
Guest Host:  Brandon Lee
  • Malcolm X
In honor of Martin Luther Kind Day, we wanted to delve into some more serious cinema by discussing films that have explored racism at great lengths.  Little did we know that when we asked the amazing Brandon Lee (no relation) to join us in this endeavor, that we'd end up getting 3+ hours worth of material!  That's a LOT of episode to digest... 

As this is a subject of rather immense gravity (no thanks to Sandra Bullock or George Clooney) , we thought we'd trim some of the fat and serve said fare in portions, so you don't gorge yourself on too much sluts.  

Worry not, 'cause there are two more courses coming in the following weeks:
  • Higher Learning 
  • American History X

You can get your 2nds & 3rds then.  No trays, though.  All the food can get along on one plate.  

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Episode #101: Shuffle

January 11th, 2014

"It's on Random."  

Featuring Guest Host:  Miss Amy

It's a grab bag of a week as we throw caution to the wind & hope you'll join us for the party Richter (we'll do that later). Miss Amy had tossed this idea into our noggins some months ago.  We thought of calling it The Slut Shuffle, but feared that could draw the wrong crowd.  

So, we asked her to pull up a stool & join us for the ensuing carnage that can only occur when a few hosts like ourselves are left wandering the cereal isle like the sugar-crazed delinquents we are.  

There's no rhyme.  There's no reason.  There's just the Episode.


Oh, and for anyone listening intently: It was episode #61: Down with the Episode. 
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