Episode #124: Remakes Done Right - Oldboy

June 22nd, 2014
2003 vs. 2013

2 Hammers, both alike in dignity and claw; in fair trunk, where we lay our scene.  This is a very controversial remake episode, largely from people that gave up before seeing it.  Spike Lee was not the 1st name to pop into one's head when considering Oldboy.  

Your honourable hosts were in a unique position to confirm or dis-confirm the allegations:  We had not seen the original!!!  We flew this episode blind (though we did open our eyes when we watched the movies, it's a metaphor), and what a ride through 2 different looks at the same plot.  Both are in fact worth your time we have discovered.  Now it comes to you to be brave, trust in our vision for a world where both versions can coexist.  

Thor would be proud.  So would Chop Top.